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ETALON European Acrylic 3-in-1 Multi-Prime Primer Grey 13.5oz 400mL Aerosol - ET804001-G

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SKU:  ET804001-G
Manufacturer Part #:  ET804001-G
Innovative European Acrylic Primer in an easy to use Aerosol for Metal, Plastics and Body Filler

Multi-Prime 3-in-1 Primer is a high quality European acrylic filler. High build, dual purpose for priming and surfacing of metal and plastic parts. This primer provides a topcoat base while sealing out moisture to help prevent rust and corrosion. Excellent flexibility and adhesion qualities. Perfect for both flexible and rigid parts. Quick drying, easy to sand and has excellent build. Can be overcoated by solvent and waterbourne base coats.

Substrates: galvanized steel, metal, polyester putties, old coatings, plastics like PVC, PPO/PA, ABS, PC/PBT.

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