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U-TECH 4.0 Select Clear Coat Kit 1.25 Gallon Medium Hardener - 399115-399098

Regular Price: $199.99
On Sale For: $119.99
SKU:  399115-399098
Manufacturer Part #:  399115-399098


Revolutionize Your Finish with U-TECH 4.0 SELECT Clear Coat by Akzo Nobel! 
Medium Hardener Kit

Experience Unmatched Brilliance: Revel in the seamless, mirror-like finish this advanced clear coat delivers to your automotive projects.

Professional-Grade Durability: Engineered for lasting protection, shielding your paint job against UV rays, harsh weather, and everyday wear.

Value Beyond Compare: Unlock premium quality at an unbeatable price point - making your investment in excellence affordable.

Precision Color Preservation: Lock in the vibrancy and integrity of your color, ensuring a long-lasting, showroom-quality shine.

Effortless Application: Enjoy ease in the application process, whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast.

Resistant to Fading: Guarding your vehicle's paint against discoloration, maintaining that 'just painted' look for longer.

Versatile for All Auto Projects: Ideal for automotive enthusiasts, body shops, and professionals, catering to a range of vehicle types.

Backed by Akzo Nobel Quality Assurance: Trusted by industry experts and car enthusiasts worldwide for top-tier performance.

Why Settle for Less? Elevate Your Finish with U-TECH 4.0 SELECT!

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