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Finish-1 Fast Activator (For FC720-G) Quart - FH611-4

Price: $29.99
SKU:  FNH-FH611-4
Manufacturer Part #:  FH611-4

Finish 1™ offers a selection of reducers, hardeners, and cleaner solvents for primers, sealers and gun cleaners. Finish 1™ hardeners are available in fast, medium and slow temperature ranges for use in Finish 1™ ultimate spot/panel clear coat, overall clear coat, sealers, and 3.5 VOC acrylic enamel factory packaged colors. in addition, Finish 1™ surface prep products are designed to remove all oil, wax, silicone and other surface contaminants.

  • For use in 3.5 VOC finish 1 factory packaged single stage colors and other finish 1 products
  • Mix Ratio 1:4
  • 1 Quart

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