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3M Performance Spray Gun with PPS 2.0 System Kit - 26778

Regular Price: $530.99
On Sale For: $429.99
SKU:  MMM26778
Manufacturer Part #:  26778

3M™ Performance Spray Gun is our first ever spray gun designed specifically to save you time while delivering top-of-the-line performance. Its integrated system includes quick-change replaceable atomizing heads and 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cups, which makes for faster cleanup, changeovers and cycle times.

  • Precision spray performance with high transfer efficiency and large, adjustable fan pattern
  • Faster clean up and change overs that can help improve your cycle times
  • Quick-change, replaceable atomizing heads connect directly to 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System
  • Sprays a full range of automotive coatings
  • Lightweight, impact-resistant spray gun body
  • Intuitive, ergonomic design for enhanced comfort

Faster Cycle Times:

Because paint never passes through the body of the spray gun and only through the disposable cup and nozzle, your cleanup and changeover process can be streamlined. No more paint gunking up internal components, no more breaking down your spray gun or soaking in solvent, no more cross contamination putting your job at risk.

Cleans in Seconds:

With quick-change replaceable 3M™ Performance Gravity HVLP Atomizing Heads, cleanup is a snap. S imply twist the locking collar, remove the atomizing head and wipe the needle clean. Swap with a new nozzle, and you’re ready to spray your next job.

Lightest in the World:

Up to 50% lighter than conventional metal spray guns, the advanced impact-resistant, stainless steel-reinforced
composite body was optimized by kinesiologist for improved comfort. It’s a difference you will see and feel —
both in your hand, and in the quality and efficiency of your jobs.

Spray Gun Kit includes:

  • 1 spray gun
  • 1 air control valve
  • 1 locking collar
  • 15 gravity atomizing heads
  • 1 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 mixing cup
  • 5 lids and liners
  • 3 sealing plugs

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