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Dent Fix The MAXI Multi-Pull Dent Remover Welder 220 Volt - DF-505220V

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SKU:  DF-505220V
Manufacturer Part #:  DF-505220V


The Dent Fix MAXI DF-505/220V is a 220 volt single phase steel dent pulling station that provides the technician with the power they need to shrink, pull rocker panels, hail damage, creases, dents in hard to access areas and all types of metal damage.

The efficiency of this tool increases the workers productivity while producing a cleaner, better repair. Taking the idea of a stud welder one step further, this versatile tool will:

1. Weld pins & keys
2. Weld a slide hammer directly to the panel
3. Weld a light pulling rod
4. Weld wiggle wire for even crease pulling
5. Weld a rod for leverage pulling
6. Shrink metal

Complete kit includes:
The Maxi 220 volt unit, two light pulling rods, two slide hammer rods with strike weight, leverage puller, pull key electrode, stud pin electrode, shrinking electrode, wiggle wire weld tip, a nine and four finger Bear Claw, sample stud weld pins and pull keys, 1 pound of wiggle wire, 20 feet of power cable, and nine feet of welding cable.

The optional DF-509 rolling cart is available separately.





A stud welder dent remover is a tool used to repair dents in metal surfaces. It works by using a special welding process to attach a small metal stud to the surface of the dent. Once the stud is attached, a slide hammer or pulling tool is used to pull the dent out, effectively removing it.

The process typically involves cleaning the surface around the dent, positioning the stud welder over the dent, and then using the welder to attach the stud to the surface. Once the stud is securely attached, a pulling tool is used to pull the dent out.

Stud welder dent removers are commonly used in auto body repair shops to remove dents from car bodies, but they can also be used on other metal surfaces such as appliances, machinery, and even boats. They are a popular and effective tool for dent removal, as they can often remove dents without damaging the surrounding paint or finish.

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